The relation between OC and CSR

As a student of the Faculty of Business Studies at the University of Dhaka, I, like other students have noticed and visited the E-library. This is undoubtedly a marvelous initiative for Robi. I am not marketing here! Like others, Robi contributes a part to students under CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Because Robi is taking part in philanthropic causes and providing positive social value. Again, as we all are sitting inside the house and contributing more and more time in front of social media, television, or even newspaper, we are getting updated news continuously. So, we might know that, during this pandemic, many corporate sectors or many business icons are giving something, especially money, to the poor or adverse people to make a shelter over them. By doing this, they are doing CSR. What if at least a decade pupil of the whole faculty get influenced and become attached to the Robi? If they want to work with Robi? If they get influenced to use Robi sim card? Isn’t it like magic? The name of this performance is OC (Organizational Commitment). Now, let’s see the other side of this game. Suppose there is any current worker of Robi who was a student of the University of Dhaka once upon a time. In that case, Robi’s investment will work on him or her psychologically. He or she, definitely, will feel an attachment to Robi. Or, if we move towards the second example, we can get a message. And that id the adverse ones who are being helped by the commanding individuals, they would get influenced psychologically. They will try to help or pray for those helping hands. Can’t it be taken as OC? Maybe, many of you will say, ‘No.’ hence, I will go on the debate. Because if we change our looking style, we will see that those among of the helped ones are privileged a little bit who are nearer to the helping hands. Those organizations are tagging their name in the goods. Thus, they are earning a profit, which is distributed among the workers. Again, companies are always there for their workers. Even during this pandemic, we can see, companies or organizations are trying their best to make sure of their workers’ security. Isn’t it playing an excellent role for both CSR and OC?
Let’s see another example. Two days ago on Independent Television, many of us maybe had watched the news of Walton. Walton is providing exchange offer for running or non-running pc or laptop. Thus, Walton is playing a vital role in CSR and OC. How? First, Walton is taking those running or non-running pc or laptops by which people of different areas can get relief from their old -junk- devices. They can get a new laptop or any part of the pc through the exchange offer. It is a part of CSR. Next, OC’s role must be shown. Walton is getting various kinds of running and non-running laptops or pcs. It can modify those parts or devices by sending them to the factories. It is a profitable chance for Walton. And a big part of the profit will definitely go for the workers’ team which is a part of OC. Now, we can measure a nice shape of the relationship between OC and CSR by overviewing the above given details. OC and CSR both are in the same direction. If any organization wants to do something for society or workers or nation, it will reflect in the inner side of the organization automatically.
Now a question may be arised around it-how it would be done. CSR which has been done by the organization, it will make the worker enthusiastic psychologically. They will become homosapiens by living in those organizations who are involved in social activities, companies, or organizations gain reputation throughout the land. When a person will work in any reputated institution, he or she will free enthusiastic or proud to work. Thus, OC and CSR are related to each other.

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