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How can a leader be balanced!

Being a balanced leader means that you are presenting yourself to your team in a consistent manner. There are two key components to this approach.
The first is taking the time to care personally about your team.
The second is to learn how to challenge them directly towards the organisational aim.
By finding the right balance and implementing these two concepts, leaders will find that they’re in a position to get the most out of their teams.
Let’s dig through an example. Suppose, you are a CEO of your company, let’s call it company A. You are owning a progressive thought in handling your company. Now, it’s been a matter, as it’s the second decade of twenty-first century, you need to co-operate with your managers and non-managers too. How can I co-operate with them? There are many ways to go and make them feel good. For example, I can promote my institution towards new changes. As such the team will become modernized. Then, I can help them to get away with the trendy sufferings. It may also help them to be more influenced. And it’ll result a stronger bonding in the whole team.

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