A Day in The Life of an Entrepreneur

Many of us want to be an entrepreneur. Many of us dream to get success in this way. But It may be arisen about a huge number of people who do not know about how an entrepreneur passes a day? It is important to chase this topic in order to fulfill the dream up!

Not all entrepreneur days are the same, everybody’s perspective of how they utilize their day is different. Not everyone gets up at 6.00 am, goes for a jog before meditating and then record a vlog while drinking a wheatgrass smoothie, all by 8:00 am when it is time to head to the office. Some entrepreneurs have children and spend the morning getting them ready for school and others wake with their laptop on their lap responding to emails with one hand and holding a large cup of coffee in the other. Either way, their day is started with a ritual for getting motivated for what the day may bring.

Each day in the life of an entrepreneur is structured to maximize all of the 24 hours of a day. Uttering the words “It has been a long day” is a common occurrence, more toward the amount done and not the hours worked. A day comprises of an early start and a late finish, with a planned routine in the middle for a jam-packed day. When running a company not one day is the same and not always as glamorous as some may think. An entrepreneur is required to wear many different hats, from human resources to sales and from marketing to spokesperson. One day might be spent meeting with clients from one end of the country to the other and the next could be stuck in the office interviewing for new staff, conducting meetings, on calls and responding to emails.

For example, Jeff Bezos starts his day with the most critical meetings so when his energy is depleting by the end of the day, he can try to avoid making decisions. Mark Twain said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” If the day is started with the worst or most taxing task, when the motivation from the morning activities is fresh, then the rest will seem easy in comparison. It is said that intellectual work is better done in the morning and more creative work when tiredness starts settifamily.
The day is not just about the company but also finding time to spend with family and friends, as well as on themselves. Most early starters spend the early hours on themselves or business before the rest of the house awakes so they can devote breakfast with their family. Most successful entrepreneurs set aside time for reading, “knowledge is power” as it expands the mind, this could be reading the daily papers and business pages, scrolling through social media or reading an Isaac Asimov novel. Evenings are sometimes reserved for family and friends, though a hand may continuously be on the smartphone ready to pounce on any message that comes through. Mark Zuckerberg goes straight to his phone to scroll through social media and his morning updates before getting up to start his day and ends it with tucking his children into bed. Richard Branson wakes at 5 am every day to get on top of things before eating breakfast with his family.


All About Infographic CV

Everyone who has ever been on the job hunt knows one thing—making a resume is hard. You need to choose the right resume templates that you can customize and then condense your entire life into 1-2 pages.
Creative resumes are the in-thing now, and one of the variations of a creative resume that is helping job seekers is the infographic resume.

The infographic CV is a resume that uses charts, icons, and other graphic design elements to show us.

Timeline – Infographic resumes often use a visual timeline to show employment history, key achievements, and career milestones.
Quotes/References – You can feature testimonials and quotes from current and former managers, clients, or colleagues. You can also quote press mentions and another positive buzz about you. These are strong credibility builders.
Photo – People respond to photos. If you’ve got a good one (professional and flattering and conveying the right image), use it.
Headline/Tagline – Use a headline format to summarize who you are. You can focus solely on the professional or add a bit of personality.
Statistics – Find a way to depict your strengths in numbers. Options include a number of years of experience, number of successful projects, percentage of client satisfaction, etc.
Logos – If you’ve worked for top companies display their logos. Employers respond to this kind of name dropping. You can support your own credibility with the credibility of well-known brands. You can also feature logos of media outlets that have featured you, organizations that have honored you, causes that you support, etc.
Tag cloud – Several people recommended the use of a tag cloud visual to represent skills, areas of expertise, personality qualities, and/or strengths.

Zabin Sazzad
Junior Executive
Content Development Team


Bangladesh Small Business Opportunities, Ideas, and Trends for 2021.

The entire world is eagerly awaiting the New Year with hope, peace, and ample aspirations. Just like life, the New Year is a gift of God. Now that 2020 has encouraged us to embrace the fact that so many things are out of our control, we’re able to see more clearly what has been working in the world, and what hasn’t. We also have more time to put our energy toward areas of our lives that are within our control.
If this is the year you’re going to start your own business, you’ll want to know about these Bangladeshi business opportunities

  1. Fashion House
  2. Toy shop
  3. Baby and Mother’s product business
  4. Stationary Shop for students
  5. Fast food shop business
  6. Cosmetic shop for girls
  7. Coffee shop business
  8. Ice-cream shop business
    9.Photography business
  9. Mobile sales repair business

If those opportunities can be utilized well, we are seeing the light of hope towards.

Nusrat Afrin Payel
Executive of Content Development Team


Why Career Planning Is Important

How often do we sit down and think about professional development other than our annual review? Why does everyone give more and more importance to it? Where do we want to see ourselves within five years? Have we ever marginalize these questions by closing our eyes or standing in front of the mirror?

We all know that a career is essential for leading a joyful life. But when it comes to planning, we get so confused that sometimes we get scared of starting our path. It is high time we stood against our fear. We all have had a great vacation in 2020 and seen the crisis and problems in the job market. So, now, we cannot help making ourselves ready for the starting. Now, many of you will ask me – Where to start? Look, you can set your starting point now by experiencing. How? When you are reading this article, you can examine yourself. Yes, my friend, you can!

• Firstly, close your eyes and ask yourself what you like to do. Which thing makes you spellbound most? Which work can you take breaths peacefully in for the rest of time?

• Secondly, grab any device and google what the ways are for reaching it.

• Thirdly, think about your struggle. For this, you will need to determine your obstacles.

• Fourthly, all the answers to the above questions must be written for the best results.

And the most essential staff for all of us to make sense of is our career plan does not have to be set in stone. While it is essential to set goals, we can make it a habit to review our plan every few months to make sure it still matches what we want out of a career. And we cannot but overcome all our handicaps. No matter what may change, our career plan is there to ground us and guide us on our path to success!

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EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE? Importance of Emotional Intelligence

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is one of the factors to be successful if you want to be successful, you must keep this to do well perform in your career.
”As much as 80% of adult success comes from Emotion-al Intelligence.”
Daniel Goleman
Emotional Intelligen-ce is a critical success factor in Smart Leadership.


Success is a very desirable thing for every human being. But not everyone can succeed. Emotional intelligence is a very important issue for everyone from working life to personal life.
Bangladesh Alliance of Human Resources Networks (BAHRN) has organized a session for everyone titled “EI for Success” for both students and professionals.
This session will be facilitated by
Professor Moinuddin Chowdhury
Society for Leadership Skills Development (SLSD)
Session Date & Time:
The session will be held on October 26, 2020, from 8 pm – 10 pm.
The session is open for all. No registration fee is required.
Seats are limited.
Click to Register to join our meeting

The session will be held via Zoom Cloud Meeting. The link will be sent to the registered people only.

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