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Everyone who has ever been on the job hunt knows one thing—making a resume is hard. You need to choose the right resume templates that you can customize and then condense your entire life into 1-2 pages.
Creative resumes are the in-thing now, and one of the variations of a creative resume that is helping job seekers is the infographic resume.

The infographic CV is a resume that uses charts, icons, and other graphic design elements to show us.

Timeline – Infographic resumes often use a visual timeline to show employment history, key achievements, and career milestones.
Quotes/References – You can feature testimonials and quotes from current and former managers, clients, or colleagues. You can also quote press mentions and another positive buzz about you. These are strong credibility builders.
Photo – People respond to photos. If you’ve got a good one (professional and flattering and conveying the right image), use it.
Headline/Tagline – Use a headline format to summarize who you are. You can focus solely on the professional or add a bit of personality.
Statistics – Find a way to depict your strengths in numbers. Options include a number of years of experience, number of successful projects, percentage of client satisfaction, etc.
Logos – If you’ve worked for top companies display their logos. Employers respond to this kind of name dropping. You can support your own credibility with the credibility of well-known brands. You can also feature logos of media outlets that have featured you, organizations that have honored you, causes that you support, etc.
Tag cloud – Several people recommended the use of a tag cloud visual to represent skills, areas of expertise, personality qualities, and/or strengths.

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