A split of Strategic Situation Analysis

Are we all connected to strategic situation analysis? Do we make ourselves a doll of it? Or, do we make it our doll?

To know about the concept, first we need to go through what is it?. Let us go through a simple example. Suppose, you have bought a water bottle. Now, it is a matter for the company that whether you are satisfied or not after drinking it. Do you know why? Because if we become satisfied, we will want to buy that bottle again.

But you may have a question – How it is connected to the strategic situation analysis, Isn’t it?This mentality of buying is related to making more profit. It will help that organization :
1)To defeat the competitors in the market.
2) To increase the Earning Per Share (EPS)
3)To have fund for new investments to meet up the weakness that will further help in generating profit.
4)To contribute in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

So,you can see in aforementioned issues,they can satisfy their both stockholders and stakeholders.

Now we have learnt that we all are related to strategic situation analysis sometime as a buyer, sometime as a stockholder, sometime as a worker, sometime as a consumer or sometime as a well-wisher.

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