A glance at personal excellence.

Do you have any dream which is of fame, success, and growth? Do you struggle in your life to live to your highest potential? Doesn’t personal excellence come first?

Personal excellence is the journey of positive development beyond oneself and is a step-by-step process of improving oneself in every aspect of life. (Collected from Google). Personal excellence works great to improve our performance to improve each and every aspect of life like family, education, career, finance, etc. It is a process of being a better form of oneself. Here we need ten beliefs for personal Excellence—

☞There are no mistakes in life.
☞I am responsible for my present situation.
☞I will never stop learning.
☞I only need to be focused on the action I am taking at this moment.
☞It is okay to ask for support.
☞I am dedicated to pushing myself beyond my existing boundaries.
☞I am willing to adapt to changing circumstances.
☞All knowledge I acquire has the potential to serve me.
I permit myself to say no.
☞By authentically expressing myself, I bring my unique signature to every person and thing I touch.

Confused? Okay, here I am, a student of Honors; I can determine to get CGPA 4.00 out of 4.00. For this first, I have to find out my weak points, like where I made mistakes in scripts before, I have to correct myself. Second, I have to read more and more, focusing the books and online platforms. For this requirement, I need to make sure of adequate support. All the time of doing this task, at the early time, I will face so many boundaries, but I have to make myself to overcome. At this point, I will be found changing my own self. Next, but it is one of the most important for each and every person, which is “Saying NO.” Last but not least, I need to make ‘Notes,’ which will bear my own signature. This can be the process of my graduating from university with a 4.0.

But you can question – ” How can it be related to Personal Excellence?” Look, I am getting 4.0, which is a better form of myself. When I am taking as my target, I will keep in mind that I have to perform my best in any given situation.

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